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ARTA acts as a business strategy consultant to our clients’ management and shareholders. Our strategic advisory expertise plays an integral part in the leadership of business development teams, business strategy development, and in demonstrating investment opportunities to prospective equity investors and/or key shareholders. Our task is to carefully analyze and clearly communicate the value of a client’s business strategy, financial project and business plan.

ARTA’s strategic advisory services are designed to improve a company’s operating and financial performance and, ultimately, its value. Our mission as a strategic advisor lies in assisting our client on higher levels of business performance in the following ways:

  • Prepare a company for the sale;
  • Align the strategic plan, financial plan and management incentives;
  • Focus a client on key critical success factors;
  • Evaluate the company’s financial soundness;
  • Improve operating and management performance.

A crucial part of any corporate finance transaction, be it equity or debt search, a merger or acquisition, is to understand the true value of a business or an asset. Quantification of a shareholder’s value is often a key factor in a company’s management and decision-making processes.

ARTA provides valuation services as a component of its full investment banking solution. To arrive at a proper value, ARTA prepares a detailed analysis of an operation’s history, results of a project, and financial statements. This analysis incorporates deep knowledge of an industry and the factors that affect it.

To ensure that business decisions are based on sound information, ARTA designs sophisticated financial models that combine details of a potential business opportunity with state-of-the-art valuation methodologies. This enables us to work with our clients on a real-time basis during negotiations, bid submissions, and strategic reviews.

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