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ARTA provides end-to-end advisory solutions on both buy-side and sell-side engagements. ARTA is very well positioned to provide quality advice based on the best international practices and extensive M&A expertise. We have been providing tailor-made M&A advisory solutions for the past six years to both international and Ukrainian clients. Our team of professionals has gained unique experience in analysis, finance management, marketing, accounting, law and economics. These skills along with M&A and restructuring expertise help us to deliver an integrated advisory approach focused on providing strategic and tactical assistance, critical industry knowledge, structuring and financing innovations and solutions.

  • Buy-side services

    ARTA provides buy-side advisory services in structuring, negotiating and closing strategic acquisitions. We are intimately involved from start to finish, from concept through completion of a specific project. We learn as much as possible about our client's products, markets and industry to develop the most appropriate strategy to meet their objectives. A typical process for a buy-side client can include the following steps:

    • Assessing existing business model and the market
    • Determining and recommending an appropriate acquisition strategy which maximizes shareholder value
    • Formulating acquisition criteria and investment parameters
    • Making a market analysis for identification of an acquisition target
    • Delivering a comprehensive list of acquisition candidates for the first round review and prioritization
    • Approaching and contacting priority candidates (at the level of board members or owners), presenting the opportunity and assessing the target’s initial interest
    • Arranging and coordinating initial communications with each candidate
    • Assessing fair market value of the selected target(s)
    • Assisting with the due diligence process
    • Advising and assisting the negotiation of a purchase price, transaction structure and other significant issues
    • Facilitating the deal closure and settlement
    • Contributing to obtaining the relevant regulatory approvals
  • Sell-side services

    ARTA adds value during a sell-side assignment through the coordination and execution of a well-managed process that creates a competitive environment, increases value and improves terms. We structure each process to meet our client's specific goals. A typical process for a sell-side client may include the following steps:

    • Discussing strategic goals and objectives
    • Advising on available opportunities and alternatives for achieving these goals and objectives
    • Conducting due diligence to maximize our understanding of the business
    • Performing valuation to identify a price range on the business
    • Determining and recommending an appropriate timing and course of action
    • Assessing current market conditions and the impact on the process
    • Preparing a comprehensive confidential information memorandum
    • Assessing current market conditions and preparing a comprehensive list of potential buyers
    • Developing an optimal strategy to introduce a client to potential buyers
    • Creating competition while marketing the business to potential buyers
    • Initiating dialogue with appropriate decision-makers
    • Providing management support in meetings with prospective investors
    • Soliciting proposals for price and terms
    • Identifying potential deal breakers and getting them resolved
    • Analyzing the resulting alternatives and recommending a course of action
    • Facilitating buyer due diligence
    • Assisting in negotiating the transaction and a formal definitive agreement
    • Closing the transaction

For certain growing companies considering significant restructuring with a series of subsequent transactions, ARTA provides investment banking and market input to integrate and facilitate the process. An early investment banking input assists clients in making difficult strategic decisions and anticipating elements of each transaction which may affect subsequent transactions (including issues of timing, priorities, market receptivity and risks).

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