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Due to ARTA’s extensive expertise in equity markets we provide our clients with seamless conducting of primary market transactions and manage their structuring, marketing and distribution.

One of the Company's core business areas is raising financing through a private or public placement. Our team has unique expertise in raising equity finance for large and mid-cap companies, as well as for smaller private businesses.

Private placement

A private placement is a direct private offering of shares (usually less than 50%) to a limited number of financial investors. Private placement results in a lower level of financing compared to an IPO, however, not only are placement expenditures considerably lower, but the duration of the process is shorter. Private placement also helps guarantee a more successful IPO in the future.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The term IPO (Initial Public Offering) refers to a placement of shares (usually above 5%) on the stock market among an unlimited number of investors. An IPO enables raising significant financing by selling a company’s shares at the highest possible price. Moreover, an IPO provides investors with more flexibility due to the liquidity of shares, thus increasing investor’s confidence. IPO also creates public history for the issuer thereby reducing the cost of funding in the future.

When preparing and conducting an equity offering, ARTA provides the following services:

  • operating and financial due diligence, indicative valuation;
  • preparing an investment package, including information and investment memorandum, presentations;
  • identifying appropriate placement structure;
  • development of placement strategy;
  • coordination of investor meetings, PR activities, premarketing public announcements, roadshows, if needed;
  • issue registration, share allocation.

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