Pension Funds

Corporate pension fund CHORNOMORNAFTOGAS

On October 15, 2004, Chornomornaftogas established the Fund in accordance with the concurrence of the Company’s employees. The main goal of the Fund is to increase social protection of the Company’s employees, as well as the employees of other firms which may join the Fund. Chornomornaftogas is an investor of the Fund. The Articles of Association allows also participation of individual investors-employees of the corporate participants of the Fund.

Open non-state pension fund ARTA

Fund was founded on June 29, 2005 by resolution of ARTA Investment Partners. The main goal of the Fund foundation is implementation of activity from non-state pension provision by means of assets saving with the purpose of further investing for income receiving in the interest of fund participants and realization of pension payments. Any legal entities or natural persons can become investors of the Fund.

Pension Fund of Chemical Workers of Ukraine

In February 2004, the Union of Chemical Workers of Ukraine and the Trade Union of Petrochemical and Chemical Workers of Ukraine established the Fund. The main target of the Fund is accumulating funds through non-state pension contributions with their further investing. The income from investments will be distributed among the Fund’s participants as additional income in favor of the people working in these sectors. Both corporate and individual investors, who are engaged in oil & gas and chemical industries, may join the Fund.

Open non-state pension fund FEMIDA

All-Ukrainian public organization “Court Association of Ukraine “Foundation of justice assistance” found Fund in February, 2009. Goal of the Fund is receiving of investor’s assets, saving and ensure their growth by means of investing in Ukrainian economics and paying additional non-state pension to Fund participants. Any legal entities of natural persons can become investors of the Fund.

Professional Pension Fund SHAKHTER

In April 2009, the Ukraine’s Coal Industry Professional Union established the fund aimed at accumulating and further investing non-state pension contributions on favor of its individual participants. Any corporates or individuals may become a member of the fund if they work in coal industry.

Corporate Pension Fund POSHTOVYK

The fund was established in 2007 by Ukrpochta on behalf of its employees. The main target of the fund is enhancement of social protection of Ukrpochta’s employees, as well as other firms’ stuff that may join the fund. According to the Articles of Association, any employee of the fund’s corporate participants may join the fund.