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World Indices

Symbol Name Last trade Last date Daily change, % Archive
^DJI Dow Jones 22 369.11 2017-09-29 -0.05 Archive
^BVSP BRAZIL BOVESPA 74 782.00 2017-11-01 +0.11 Archive
^IXIC Nasdaq 6 731.98 2017-11-01 +0.11 Archive
RTS.RS RTSI 925.32 2016-06-30 +1.20 Archive
^HSI Hang Seng 28 430.37 2017-11-01 +0.48 Archive
^N225 Nikkei 22 324.64 2017-11-01 +1.78 Archive
^GDAXI Daxx 13 451.56 2017-11-01 +1.68 Archive
^FTSE FTSE 7 508.15 2017-11-01 +0.24 Archive
^FCHI CAC 40 5 528.96 2017-11-01 +0.58 Archive
PFTS PFTS 533.73 2019-05-15 -0.53 Archive
UX Index UX Index 1 643.25 2019-06-18 -0.24 Archive

Weekly comment
(16.04.2018 - 22.04.2018)

Main events:

• Ukrainian stock indices have grown
• External news background was positive

During the previous week, Ukrainian stock indices were growing. Index of Ukrainian stock exchange added 4,02% and made up 1 802,1 points. Weekly volume of trading of shares decreased by 41,81% and made up UAH 10,51 million.
The most liquid securities at the Ukrainian stock exchange (from the index basket) became shares of “Raiffaisen bank Aval” [BAVL] – UAH 2,24 million, “Tsentrenergo” [CEEN] – UAH 1,45 million and “Ukrnafta” [UNAF] – UAH 1,02 million.

In the general background, among the securities from the index basket, shares of “Tsentrenergo” (growth by 7,30%), “Raiffaisen bank Aval” (growth by 3,48%) and “Ukrnafta” (growth by 2,98%) looked the best way.

Securities of “Donbassenergo” [DOEN] (growth by 1,78%) and “Motor Sich” [MSICH] (growth by 1,91%) looked worse than the market.

External news background was positive. Mostly ascending movement of the world indices was observed at the world stock platforms. Tension connected with the possible trade war between the USA and China has decreased after the announcements of D. Trump and the Chinese party about the search of compromise. At the same time, statistics of the USA was weak.

In conditions with a scanty free float and a limited number of participants, trading almost on all securities has a technical character and is defined by speculative moods of participants – trading with a minimal swing of index satisfies everyone.

Securities of “Tsentrenergo” continued to grow in the background of expectations of privatization of the package of shares, owned by the state.

Securities of “Ukrnafta” grew in price in the background of considerable growth of the world oil prices (oil Brent grew by 8,15%). At the same time, shares of the company remain under pressure because of the conflict between shareholders.

Successful auction held by the Fund of Guaranteeing of Deposits of Natural Persons on sale of 0,23% of shares of the company (were sold at the price of UAH 5,365) supported the securities of “Motor Sich”. Earlier the company published a strong financial report for Q3 of 2017, net revenue made up UAH 2,575 bn.
We assume that index UX will try to test the level of 1820p. in the near future.  If the attempt is successful, index may try to “attack” the zone of 1850-1880p. Support is located within the scope of 1780-1800p.

Forecast and recommendations

Speculative character of deals in remaining environment with a low liquidity will continue to further the volatility of trading. Probably, index UX has moved to a new range – 1760-1860p. Later, it will continue to vary within this wide scope. This zone satisfies all participants. Index will close the week within the range of 1780p.-1840p.