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ARTA Informs about Successful Placement of Galychyna’s UAH 45 MM Series D Corporate Bonds

ARTA informs the primary placement of Galychynas, the major Ukrainian dairy producer, Series D corporate bonds has been made in full according to the placement terms – from 27 July 2010 to 25 October 2010.

The company issued Series D bonds to restructure its obligations under the Series A, B, and C corporate bonds.

On 01 November 2010, the Securities and Stock Market State Commission registered report on placement of 45 thousand of Galychyna’s Series D collateral bonds with a face value of UAH 1,000 for the total amount of UAH 45 MM. The bonds maturity period is 3 years.

The coupon for the first four interest periods is 15% per annum, for the 5-12th interest periods – 21.53%. According to the Series D bond issue terms, there will be a quarterly partial buy-out of bonds starting from July 2011.


ARTA Securities acts as an underwriter of the bond issue. Reiffeisen Bank Aval is the paying agent.


Galychyna is one of the leading Ukrainian dairy producers. The company’s products, such as yoghurts Galychyna, 12 Vitamins, Maslyanka, as well as its traditional dairy products, are very popular in the domestic market.