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Galychyna restructures corporate bonds

Galychyna successfully restructured corporate bonds of A, B, and C Series. ARTA Investments acted as a Financial Advisor and provided equity and debt advisory services. The Payment Agent is Reiffeisen Bank Aval.

According to the current market situation, the issuer revised the coupon of A, B, and C Series bond issues and raised it to 23% per annum.

The terms of restructuring Galychyna offered to the creditors are based on the principles of transparency, market and equal approach to all bondholders.


Galychyna is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian dairy market with its market share over 11%. The trade marks of the company are GalychynaTM, MolocharTM, Dve KorovkiTM, and ChabanyTM.

ARTA Investment Group includes ARTA Investment Partners Ltd., ARTA Securities Ltd., and ARTA Assets Management Ltd. Since 2002, ARTA provides a full range of investment banking services including brokerage, corporate finance and asset management. ARTA has attracted approx USD 1.5 billion of investments to the local market.