Strategy and Principles

Our History Strategy and Principles

Our strategy is based on providing professional solutions tailored for both public and private customers. Avoiding mass products, we have determined a strong CRM focus aimed at creating long-term relationships with our clients and partners, whom we value above all.

Our principle objective is to design comprehensive, value added solutions for our clients which will serve their primary targets the most and will be essential to improving their bottom line results.

ARTA’s commitment to its business principles contributes significantly to the Company’s trustworthy reputation among our clients and partners both domestically and globally.

  • Focus on Client’s Individual Needs
    Pivotal to financial business is the ability to build long-term relationships with clients based on trust and mutual understanding. Our client-focused solutions which imply a combination of professionalism, experience and individual approach to every client are designed to achieve maximum benefits for our clients. We strongly believe that no profit can substitute a good reputation and long-term relationships established between us and our clients in the course of our cooperation.

  • Professional Approach
    We are striving to provide our clients with unique, efficient and complex financial products to meet their high expectations and to satisfy their constantly changing needs. To duly meet our clients’ requirements, we adhere to a result-oriented working schedule rather than the formal nine-to-six approach. We keep our relationships with clients strictly confidential and maintain a high level of ethical standards in both cooperation and competition. ARTA’s professionalism, expertise, flexibility and creative solutions lead to obtaining the most optimal results. The professionalism of our specialists and their high quality of financial services bring added value to our clients which enables us to continue fruitful cooperation with the existing clients and to attract new ones, all the while enhancing and expanding our range of services.

  • Teamwork
    One of the essential factors contributing to our successful development is the team of professionals working in ARTA. We are proud of the special feeling of unity and the esprit de corps within our staff. Our efficiency is based not only on complimentary visions of business strategy, but also on the system of values that consolidates us.

  • Independence
    Our professional reputation and integrity are safeguarded by our Company’s full independence from any financial/industrial group or political party. We adhere only to our own principles and values in delivering value-added advisory services to our clients.

  • Integrity and Honesty
    ARTA’s distinguished name and good reputation are an indispensable part of the Company image we maintain. Commitment to high standards of professional and interpersonal ethics is a fundamental principle both within the Firm and in our attitude towards our clients, partners and competitors.